unimaginable beauty: hate.

Monday, September 13, 2010


i hate you.

a phrase used so often that it's losing its meaning.
a phrase that means less as time passes.
a phrase that means nothing anymore.

it's almost like a toy, something that is being tossed back and forth and back and forth for senseless reasons, and every time that it is used and gets a little older, and a little more chipped. a little more broken.
but just like a child, you never give up on it. you never throw it away. it's a comfort to you.
it's your only comfort anymore.

i hate you. i hate you so much.

hate, hate, hate.

over and over and over again.

the same words pouring from your thin lips and pushing themselves into flesh and bone and mind; the only thing that can keep your vision straight and give you some sense of control.

but these people, all these people that cower behind those words, do they feel like we feel?
do they feel ugly and worthless and pathetic and uncomfortable in their own skin?
do their thoughts and minds ache this bruised blue colour? are they always filled with lying hues and cheating images?

why do they hate us?
is it because we're not the same as them?
is it because we're just unwilling to change to how they feel we should be?

do they feel that because we take the chance to be different, take the chance to be who we are, their protective wall has been stripped and all that they have left is the hate festering inside of them.
does it bubble up until it finally explodes, in a mirade of dark colours and cutting words?

do they suffer like us?

1 comment:

  1. Very poetic. I like how you answer your own questions with questions, not just in a rhetorical fashion, but actually as a statement.

    If I were to be honest, I do not understand this passage in all its entirety, but I can relate to the source of your passion. Hate is... confusing.

    A bit depressing, but there's nothing wrong with venting :)

    Please keep blogging.